Our Story

About  – I’m LU

Going out was common for us, but travelling without a good bag, was not so cool right? One day we were walking around shops and stores but sadly we found only complex bags. We crossed the endless roads also paved streets and decided to create something worthwhile. Suddenly we thought that producing supernatural bags would be optional, as a result of insufficient choice.

Our minds focused on creating some handmade bags. Perhaps by then we would be able to build our private planet which will lead us into desired & handmade products. Maybe the production of such bags would make us to travel anywhere, even from the snow-capped mountains to the blue oceans.


Days passed and we threw tons of thoughts. The ideas became even more fairytale, but something stopped us. We had no experience in sewing materials. Except the sewing skills, the other thing was that it was hard to find mixed materials. After some few days that passed, we found a sewer which gave us few technical skills. We understood the sewing procedure quickly, in which case we transformed our abilities in a professional way.

Even though it was difficult to discover diverse materials, we kept the varied rhythm where we achieved the creation of one-off bags. Days were so fairy, because our work became even more experimental, but all in our pleasure.

How we work


Finding the material


Merging the material with recycled / old stuff


Shaping the bag


Starting with machine sewing


Ending the additional details with machine

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